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  • You will find B&B Hotels at attractive locations throughout Germany - close to fairs, airports, event locations and even directly in the city centre, only a stone's throw away from the points of interest. You can already find us in the following cities and regions:

B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd
  • B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Exterior view B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Breakfast room B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - French bed room B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Twin bed room B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Family room for 3 persons B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Family room for 4 persons B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Accessible room B&B Hotel Freiburg-Süd - Bathroom
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    Points of interest

    Loretto Mountain

    View from the Loretto mountain (© FWTM/Schoenen)

    Discover the historic Loretto mountain near Freiburg! The chapel on the mountain accrued from a battle in 1644, in which the Bavarian and imperial troops of Freiburg successfully defeated the French troops. 100 years later it was again the French who tried to win the city Freiburg for France. King Louis XV. used the mountain as a commanders hill, on which, in agreement, it wasn’t allowed to fire. Nevertheless, the head of state was almost hit by a strayed cannonball, which still today sticks in the chapel. Not far away from the chapel, the Hilda tower can be found from which you can enjoy a beautiful view.


    Konviktstraße in Freiburg (© FWTM/Schoenen)

    The picturesque Konviktstrasse is an old street of craftsmen. The historic and charming street is since the Middle Ages one of the busiest streets of the town. Many craftsmen had their homes here. During the Second World War, the road was badly damaged. During the reconstruction it was made sure, that the historic structure of the district and the scale of the former buildings were considered. Architectural elements of the earlier times were attached to the house fronts. The restoration of historic property is across the boundaries of the city a prime example for successful urban renewal.


    Europa-Park (© Europa-Park)

    In Rust, im Süden Baden-Württembergs, liegt Deutschlands größter Freizeitpark: Der Europa-Park! Hier erwartet Sie ein Tag voller spannender Attraktionen und unterhaltsamer Shows. In den insgesamt 16 Themenbereichen erwarten Sie rasend schnelle Achterbahnen, Karusselle, erfrischende Wasserbahnen, Ausstellungen und vieles mehr. Aber auch die Shows sollten Sie nicht verpassen. Internationale Sänger, fantastische Tänzer und Akrobaten sorgen für Unterhaltung für die ganze Familie. 

    Cathedral of Freiburg

    Cathedral of Freiburg (© FWTM/Raach)

    In the heart of the old town is the landmark of the city located: the Cathedral of Our Lady. The impressive tower is one of the few, whose construction was completed in the Middle Ages. According to the judgment of Jacob Burckhardt is the west tower "The most beautiful tower in the world". The windows of the sacred building are still the original ones as they were kept safe during the war. Gaze at this  beautiful and impressive cathedral and absorb the fantastique artistic design.