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    You will find B&B Hotels at attractive locations throughout Germany - close to fairs, airports, event locations and even directly in the city centre, only a stone's throw away from the points of interest. You can already find us in the following cities and regions:

B&B Hotel Magdeburg
  • B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Soon opened! B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Exterior view B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Reception B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Family room B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Bathroom B&B Hotel Magdeburg - French Bed Room B&B Hotel Magdeburg - Lobby
    23 113

    Location / Route

    B&B Hotel Magdeburg
    Otto-von-Guericke-Straße  34
    39104  Magdeburg

    Distance to important locations:

    Urban railway

    0.60 km (Station: Hauptbahnhof)


    0.60 km (Station: 3, 8 / Line: Hauptbahnhof, Haeckelstr./Museum)

    Alter Markt

    1.50 km

    Altstadt und Magdeburger Dom

    0.70 km

    Aussichtsturm im Stadtpark Rotehorn

    3.50 km


    4.00 km

    Grüne Zitadelle

    0.60 km

    Kanalbrücke Magdeburg

    22.20 km

    Magdeburger Reiter

    1.50 km