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History & development
  • History & development

    Economy hotels from the very start

    Since the early 90s, the demand for good and affordable hotels has been growing continuously in Europe – especially in the UK and France. The French hotel chain Groupe B&B Hôtels was established in 1990 by the French company Galaxie S.A. Since then, the hotel group has mainly developed the market for economy hotels. Until 2005, 117 B&B Hotels were opened throughout France. Today, Groupe B&B Hôtels is the third largest economy hotel company in France with more than 250 hotels there. In 1997, Groupe B&B Hôtels founded the Galaxie GmbH in Germany. The German subsidiary was renamed to B&B HOTELS GmbH in 2006.


    You can find over 390 B&B Hotels in Europe:


    On course for expansion

    The coming years will see the B&B HOTELS Group expand its hotel network in Germany and other European countries. We expect to have more than 130 hotels in Germany with about 100 rooms per location by the end of 2019. We focus on medium and large cities as well as metropolitan regions with over 75,000 inhabitants, or at least 200,000 overnight stays per year and with attractive locations close to city centres as well as convenient transport links. We also place high priority on easy accessibility to restaurants, airports, and major tourist attractions.


    The following B&B Hotels will be opening soon.

    • B&B Hotel Magdeburg
    • B&B Hotel Neu-Ulm
    • B&B Hotel Fulda


    Your are looking for an experienced project partner? Do you have an attractive construction location? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


    The following cities are currently of particular interest.

    • Hamburg
    • Berlin
    • Cologne
    • Munich
    • Stuttgart
    • Düsseldorf
    • Frankfurt

    as well as additional locations in Aachen, Flensburg, Münster, Trier, Wolfsburg, Schwerin, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Pforzheim, Leipzig, Dresden, Jena and Ingolstadt.


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