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  • Collect. Enjoy and save in your sleep!

    Welcome to the B&B Club: discover the B&B Club Card and start saving money! Your loyalty is rewarded here: 10% discount on all overnight stays and breakfast, a free overnight stay after ten overnight stays, reservation service, and much more.

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    • General questions

      What are the advantages of the B&B Club Card program?
      The B&B Club Card is an annual subscription card that offers:

      • 10% discount on all room rates in the participating B&B Hotels in Germany
      • 10% discount on the breakfast
      • 4-day advance reservation service
      • After 10 nights, a complimentary voucher for a free weekend night
      • Up to 10% discount on car rentals at Sixt, on the daily updated online-rate
      • Get a 10% discount at selected restaurants and other partners. (B&B HOTELS assume no responsibility for the services of the partners. Should the discount not be granted, B&B HOTELS is not responsible.)


      Do I have an advanced reservation service with my B&B Club Card?
      With the B&B Club Card the hotel manager makes every effort to reserve a room for you; provided however, that you make your reservation no later than 4 days before the intended stay by telephone. Certain dates are excluded from the reservation service like fairs and events.


      How do I earn free overnights with my B&B Club Card?
      Each night that you stay at a B&B Hotel, using your Club Card, your account will be credited with one qualifying overnight. After 10 nights you will receive a complimentary voucher for a free night at the weekend. The free-overnight coupon can be redeemed on a weekend night (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) or on a public holiday or the day before the holiday. Certain dates like fairs and events are excluded.


      How do I make sure my overnights qualify towards my free overnight voucher and I receive the reductions?
      To make sure that all of your overnights are registered please always quote your B&B Club Card number when making your reservation and also show your card at the reception upon arrival.


      Can I also receive benefits in a B&B hotel in Europe?
      Since January 2013 German Club Card members will upon presentation of the B&B Club Card at the front desk of a hotel of the B&B hotel network in Europe receive a discount of 10% on the regular room rate, if the booking is made in advance by e-mail or telephone. Bookings that are made upon arrival at the front desk or at the check-in terminal cannot be discounted. Overnight stays outside of Germany are not credited to your Club Card member's account. The reception times and contact data of the hotels can be found on the B&B Hotel website of the respective countries: France, Italy, Poland

    • Registration

      How can I become a B&B Club Card member?
      Fill out the online application form, sign it and send it to the B&B Club Card Service. Alternatively, you can also buy your B&B Club Card directly in a B&B Hotel. You need a valid e-mail address to participate.


      How much does the B&B Club Card cost?
      The B&B Club Card costs 44 Euros per year.


      How long is the B&B Club Card valid?
      The B&B Club card is valid for one year. The contract is automatically renewed unless it is cancelled at least two months prior to the expiration date.

      I have recently joined the program. When will the B&B Club Card be sent?
      The card will be sent within 14 days, upon receipt of the signed B&B Club Card application form. Provided that the information on the signed application form is correct and complete and the B&B Club Card is paid for, the Club Card is sent out.


      I have joined the B&B Club Card program and had stayed just before my membership in one of the participating B&B Hotels. Will I be credited for this stay?
      No, unfortunately, this stay cannot be awarded.


      Can I give my B&B Club Card to a third person?
      The card is strictly personal and not transferable. It may not be sold, lent or transferred to a third party.

    • Vouchers

      How do I get my free accommodation voucher?
      The accommodation voucher will be sent to you automatically after 10 nights. It is valid for 24 months.


      How does the accommodation voucher work?
      You can redeem this voucher on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday, or on the evening before a bank holiday at any B&B Hotel in Germany (one room for one night). The accommodation voucher contains your name and number. Please reserve before you arrive at the hotel to ensure availability. Please arrive at the official opening times of the hotel. You will be required to pass over your voucher as payment for the room. The vouchers may not be redeemed during trade fair and event periods.


      When I stay using the free overnight voucher does my stay count towards my next free voucher?
      No, only paid nights are counted.


      If I book or pay for several rooms during one visit, will they all qualify for discounts and count towards free overnight vouchers?
      The B&B Club Card is a personal card. It entitles the holder to one discounted room per night and this one room will qualify towards a free overnight voucher.


      Is it possible to transfer my vouchers to friends or family??
      Vouchers are not transferable and may only be used by you. A voucher may only be redeemed for your room, but we offer you the opportunity to redeem a voucher for a second room, if you in the hotel at the same time.


      How can I check my B&B Club Card account and overnight status?
      Simply go to the website and using your log-in data.


      How long does it take after my stay for it to be credited onto my account?
      Normally it takes 24 hours after your departure until the night is listed. Please contact the B&B Club Card Service if a night is missing.


      Can the hotel manager at the hotel print a free B&B Club Card Voucher?
      No, the hotel manager and hotel staff have no way to print the free B&B Club Card Voucher for you.


      Can I pay for my online booking with the B&B Club Card Voucher?
      The payment by the B&B Club Card Voucher only takes place at the hotel at the time of your stay.


      I recently stayed in a B&B hotel but the corresponding night was not listed online. What do I need to do so that my B&B accommodation will be credited?
      Please contact the B&B Club Card Service via e-mail to this e-mail address. Please give us information on the respective hotel and the date of the stay.

    • Club Card account

      What must I do to activate my account online?
      Go to the on the B&B website and activate your Club Card (button: B&B Club Card activation). Enter your Club Card ID and e-mail address (the address that you named in your B&B Club Card registration). Choose a user name and password, click save and your B&B Club Card account is activated.


      How can I view my account?
      Go to the B&B website and log on to your . Under “My account” the status of your current overnight stays is shown.


      Forgot your password?
      You can use the "Forgot password"-function. You will receive an e-mail with a link to create a new password.